Who is Santhosh ?

Over 12 years, Santhosh Helped the Small and Medium Sized business to grow, from last 5 years found digital Mudra -Digital Marketing agency helping entrepreneur grow their business through strategy and tactics in Marketing especially digital marketing…

Fully Story….

Reading stories n novel one of the favorite things in early life.
apart helping in parents on farming work.
always enthusiastic trying new things. when I am in graduation entrepreneur stuff started sparking inside.

In Aug 2008, after my MBA, started career as sales officer to enterprise communication company, reached Regional Manager level
in 5 years. recognized as top salesman couple of times in my career. Helped SME clients, who started with few thousands as investment to grow 8 figure revenue in a year.

Digital Mudra:
It was 2016 feb 26, my company announced they closeing their business, Business model not worked.so I lost my job. I started thinking what to do, now 2 options coming to my mind get into job trap or start own business, which is my long time dream.

I choosen 2nd option, started business-A new journey started, i having experince in enterprise communication(Email, Voice solution, Messaging)intially, I am getting business through my own network of people, But soon referals started drying up, each month I need new customer who buy our service.
I am not in a luxery of purchaseing the high cost leads from the expensive source. as I am new to business, already have property loan EMI’s,
expecting the 2nd baby and need to feed family as well.

What Next ?

I am observing that couple of guys generating leads to their business in online, so I started doing for my business and started getting leads.

After dong with couple of months, got comfortable with it. I started thinking can I help others, it is much easy to do Businesss to Consumer business then our business like B2B which longer sale cycle and more time involved in purchasing decision.

Mean time started idenfied the sales process for each vertical/industry especially Business to consumer to get the business to aquire customer or generate leads, felt lot more easier then our B2B segment. started offering digital marketing as service to clients.

After adopting this I was able to get enough income to family and I have able to spend time with my Kids.